3 Tips To Designing Your Home with Second Hand Furniture

3 Tips To Designing Your Home with Second Hand Furniture

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Second hand furniture has character, is built to last and is far more inexpensive compared to its design your home with second hand furnituremodern cousin. The benefits to its interior design uses don’t end there. If you are seeking a unique look with classical pieces and don’t necessarily have the budget that stretches too far, don’t look further than pre-loved furniture to grace your home.

1. The best used furniture to use

When hunting for that perfect piece, bookshelves, benches, cabinets and even dressers are some of the best to opt for. You’ll also find that occasional chairs make great inclusions to a home. For sanitary reasons avoid mattresses and any other bedding item, and from a safety perspective, don’t look twice at baby cots or items that may have been recalled overtime. It’s just not worth the risk unless you know for sure.

2. One focal piece per room

Your whole house does not need to be furnished with second hand furniture from garage sales, opportunity shops or free online classifieds sites such as Gumtree. The key to design success is to be diligent and take your time to select a focal piece for each room.

When you stumble across that one piece you love, work your existing accessories around it. By choosing large items in neutral tones, you can more easily re-decorate overtime with pops of turquoise or tangerine as your tastes change. Introduce colour easily with cushions, throws and artwork.

3. Be prepared to touch up

Some of the most incredibly carved timber tables or love seats can be found if you know where to look. Your bargain price may mean your furniture requires a touch up but hey, it’s all about designing your home with character.  Arm yourself with sandpaper and a few pots of sample paint or stain and set out to give your hand-me-down furniture a new lease on life. Don’t forget too that a cabinet may only need its dated hardware replaced to help make a world of difference.

Need inspiration?

You may need to draw upon a bit of imagination to look past a lounge chair with worn paisley fabric or a table’s bright purple paint, so if you need some help to visualize your bargain in a new light, the good news is that there are plenty of options available.

To get you started, here are 3 very different second hand pieces sourced from Gumtree.

This amazing find is a vintage 60’s sideboard listed for only $145.


Looking for a leather sofa? This set will only cost you $70. That’s a fantastic bargain.


Need storage for your kitchen, garage or bedroom? These amazing units are completely FREE. Yes, $0.


Aged pieces give our homes personality. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit too. Modern, antique, second hand or new. There are no rules. Design your home your way and you’ll love it more every single day.

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4 Reasons to Buy Second Hand Clothing

4 Reasons to Buy Second Hand Clothing

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Buying a new piece of clothing is an experience most people love (especially us girls.) But it’s often 4 Reasons to Buy Second Hand Clothingan expensive venture and it’s not uncommon to end up with an item that is only worn once or twice, or falls apart after just a few washes.
Second hand shopping may not sound as glossily romantic as buying straight from the fashion rack, but it’s got more going for it than you may think.

1. Quality

If you buy new, cheap clothing, it may disintegrate or fade after just a few washes or wears. Second hand clothing, on the other hand, has already been tested.

Pre-loved clothing has been worn, washed and dried repeatedly – and if it’s still sitting on the rack attracting your eye, chances are it’s stood the test of time and will continue doing so for awhile.

Even if a button is missing or a zip broken, these things can easily be fixed if you have a few spare minutes.

2. Retro and Vintage

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new look that’s just come back around from the 70s?

Second hand stores stock plenty of original items – often kept in storage for years and finally donated by people who doubt they’ll ever wear their poodle skirts or bellbottoms again.

Some stores are devoted entirely to vintage and retro items – at a fraction of the cost you’ll be paying for new replicas.

Occasionally you can pick up an item that is quite valuable and you may even be able to resell.

3. Low Prices

Many second hand and pre-loved clothing stores offer a range of clothing, all within the same price range. If the shop assistants aren’t aware of a good brand, chances are you can pick up an expensive item for just a few dollars.

Some high end second hand stores do charge more for items, but after visiting a few you can usually figure out which ones have the best bargains that you can regularly frequent.

4. New Items – Cheap!

You’ve done it yourself – purchased a dress or suit for a special occasion then never worn it again, leaving it to hang in the cupboard for years before you decide to give it away.

Often you’ll find items that are almost brand new in second hand stores – often for a fraction of the cost. There are several reasons why new or almost new clothes end up in thrift shops:

  • Special occasion – items such as wedding dresses or cocktail party outfits are often only used on one or two occasions.
  • Deceased estate – when a person dies, relatives often much prefer to donate the person’s clothing to charity, rather than sort it or wear it themselves.
  • Wrong size – if a person buys an item then discovers that it doesn’t fit, they may not always have the opportunity to take it back to the store – instead they may donate the item for resale.

Where to Buy Secondhand and Preloved Clothing


  • Facebay – Facebook sale pages and groups.
  • eBay – People resell used clothing, often in large batches.


  • Privately run stores.
  • Charity run stores.
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Handy and Affordable Kitchen Hand Beaters, Mini Whisks and Whips

Handy and Affordable Kitchen Hand Beaters, Mini Whisks and Whips

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When you spend time in the kitchen, it is always handy to have a set of tools which have multiplekitchen whisk
uses and make life so much easier.  Here are a selection of handy and affordable kitchen utensils well worthwhile investing in.

A kitchen whisk

A whisk is a kitchen utensil used to mix all different types of mixtures including sauces, batters, and even coconut milk and cream. Usually they have a metal handle and have several looped wires attached to the end, although there are several types of whisks available.  The more wire loops that a whisk has, the more air can be pushed into a mixture.

The whisk basically works by creating a vacuum which then pushes air into the mixture, making it fluffier and lighter.  For a long time, the whisk was only known in European kitchens. However in the 1960s, it was introduced into the US and a wide range of countries, cultures and kitchens.

Balloon Whisk

This type of whisk has the largest area contained inside the metal wires. It’s used to push large amounts of air into a mixture. It’s the most commonly known and used type of whisk.

Beverage Whisk

This type of whisk is used for mixing drinks, such as cocktails. It’s also known as a mini whisk or a drink whisk. It’s also an excellent tool for baristas as it can quickly and thoroughly blends in powders and sauces, plus it’s long handle allows easy use with taller cups.

Dough Whisk

This type of whisk is especially designed to mix heavy doughs. In cases where you need to mix dry & wet ingredients, the mixer helps make sure there are no lumps and that the dough has an even consistency.

After using one of these the dough should only require a small amount of kneading time.

Coil Whisk

This type of whisk is usually used in making drinks or anything in a cup or glass. The unique shape of the whisk makes it the best way to mix anything in a limited amount of space – you only need to move the whisk up and down instead of around.

Flat Whisk

A flat whisk is used for making anything in a shallow pan.  It’s most often used for sauces and creams. It’s perfect for low sided bowls and saucepans to avoid messy spills and splatters.

Thermometer Whisk

This type of whisk is good for making sauces and anything that needs to either stay at or reach a specific temperature.  The thermometer on the end gives you an accurate reading of what temperature the ingredients are at, as you mix them.

Double Balloon Whisk

This whisk, also known as a whisk with ball, is good for mixing hard to stir batters and lumpy ingredients.  Examples include batters that have a lot of chunks in them such as carrot or fruit cake.

The ball whisk has no curved wires, making it good for mixing small amounts evenly and fast. The whisk is made of eleven surrounding ball weighted metal wires with one middle ball weighted wire.

This unique design whips faster than average whisks and can also reach into corners, unlike normal rounded whisks.


What’s your favourite kitchen whisk?

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What To Do With Excess Fresh Herbs

What To Do With Excess Fresh Herbs

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Have you ever had left over fresh or dry herbs?  These tips will give you ideas on what to do with left over herbs.  Save money with ease!

We all know how wonderful it is to have our own little herb garden.  It’s fantastic for kids too and introduces us all to a range excess fresh herbsof tastes and smells that we may not otherwise get to enjoy.

If your green thumb is working overtime and you are enjoying a thriving fresh herb garden, you’re going to want to not only use, but keep your herbs for as long as possible without having them spoil.  And when fresh herbs are out of season, the best news is that you can still enjoy them.

Luckily I found this fantastic tip from Fleurieu Gifts which gives you the ins and outs on what to do when you have too many herbs.  Enjoy!

Do you have any more tips to share?  How do you store your excess fresh herbs?



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