10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Involving the Kids

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Although you may be planning a little something special for your husband, wife or significant other, 10 Valentine Gift Ideas To Involve the Kidshave you considered including the kids this Valentine’s Day? After all, the day is all about love so why should they miss out? Better still, getting them involved in making a gift or helping to create something totally unique will ensure it’s a wonderful family day to remember.

Here are ten Valentine’s gift ideas.

1. Breakfast in bed

There’s nothing better than spoiling someone you love with breakfast in bed. Whilst the toast may end up slightly burnt and the coffee a little milky when the kids are in charge, cutting bread into love heart shapes and topping it with strawberry jam will make it a masterpiece.

2. Create unique art

Consider letting the kids display their creative side by giving them a mini canvas to paint and decorate. It will make a totally unique gift and become a keepsake.

3.Valentine’s crayons

It may not be the most traditional of gifts however it’s certainly one that will be memorable. Every child has far too many broken and unwanted crayons so why not put them to good use and recycle them. They’ll need your help to melt them down but once they set in love heart molds, they will be perfect for the family to create memories again.

4. Family picnic

When February 14 comes around, grab the picnic basket, a comfy rug and a selections of family favourites and head off to a local park or lake where everyone can enjoy a relaxing day out. Take a ball or frisbee and make it a day full of laughter, activities and food.

5. Decorate picture frames

Giving the gift of family photos is always a great idea and one way to get the kids involved is to get them to decorate the picture frames. Whether they use sparkles, ribbons or other craft pieces, allowing them to add a personal touch is sure to make photos come to life. The Gumtree home décor area has plenty to choose from, and something that is sure to catch your eye.

6. Handmade cards

Handmade cards are easy to make and bound to be kept for life. Everyone can choose their own words to express their love for mum, dad, grandma and grandpa. Let kids embellish cards or simply use their love heart crayons to draw something special.

7. DIY decorator pillows

Valentine’s Day gifts can also be practical items such as home décor. Buy a few blank decorator pillows and with some craft markers, let the kids design their own. They’ll become talking points for years to come and gifts that won’t be thrown into a cupboard and forgotten about.

8. Magic bean pots

Magic message beans are another unique gift for Valentine’s Day and one way to get the kids involved is to get them to decorate a pot plant for the bean to grow in. When it sprouts Love You Mum or Love You Dad, it’s going to become an even bigger surprise.

9. Making jewellery

A fun craft activity can involve jewellery making. Threading paper hearts onto string can make a gorgeous necklace for mum that’s totally unique and inexpensive.

10. Movie night

Another fantastic way to celebrate the day is with a family movie night. Get the kids to choose a movie, then pop the corn, get the red jelly set and snuggle down together to spend quality time making memories.

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