50 Things To Do When The Power Goes Out

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Sometimes it seems our entire life can revolve around our computer, ipad or iphone. Sometimes 50 Things To Do When The Power Goes Out
they take over our lives to such an extent we forget how many things we can do without using a keyboard.

Below are some great ways to have fun (often for the whole family) while avoiding technology overload.

  1. Bond – In our busy lives we sometimes forget to really appreciate our loved ones. Spend time talking, and really listening to each other. family bonding is priceless.
  2. Bike Ride – Go for a bicycle ride and drag a friend along.
  3. Cars – Learn how the inside of a car works. From someone who knows.
  4. Cocktail – Learn how to make a new cocktail or drink and have a fun night in!
  5. Cook – Try a new recipe or just invent something from the things you can find in the fridge!
  6. Crackers – Buy and set off some fire crackers. Just make sure they’re legal ones!
  7. Create – Build something from scratch.
  8. Dance – Go out dancing, whether it’s salsa, night clubbing or 50s swing.
  9. Discover – Learn how something works or pull something apart.
  10. Drive – Go for a drive and discover a place you’ve never been. Stop at a tiny shop for milkshakes.
  11. Enjoy – Sit down and really enjoy something – like a mango.
  12. Family – Go out and have fun with your kids or grandkids.
  13. Friends – Meet someone new. In the real world.
  14. Garden – Visit the local nursery and pick some flowers or vegetables and make your own garden or windowbox.
  15. Letter – Write a letter (on real paper, with a real pen!) and post it.
  16. List – Write a list of things you need to do or ideas.
  17. Listen – To a cassette or CD. Or a real live band!
  18. Make a Mess A pillow fight for instance.
  19. Memories – Go through old stuff from high school.
  20. Movie – Watch a movie – either an old fave or a new release!
  21. Nap – Lay down and catch up on sleep. Chances are you need it.
  22. Naughty – Do something naughty. We’re not going to give you suggestions.
  23. New Tastes – Try tasting something new that you’ve always wanted to try but never have.
  24. Nice – Do something nice for someone – a gift box or a charity donation.
  25. Night Away – Spend a night at a new place. Or an old place (like your honeymoon hotel).
  26. Organise – Go through that box you keep meaning to sort.
  27. Origami – Buy a book with designs and some paper and see what you can make.
  28. Paint – Sit down and paint or draw.
  29. Party – Throw a party for just no reason..
  30. Pets – Hangout with your dog. Or cat. Or chicken.
  31. Phone Call – Ring your parents or grandparents.
  32. Photos – take some photos of beautiful things you see.
  33. Rainbows – Make a rainbow with a hose. Run through the water!
  34. Read – A real book or magazine.
  35. Re-arrange – Change the furniture around and try a new look.
  36. Relax – Just relax. With music or in the sun.
  37. Restaurant – Go out and visit your favourite restaurant for a sit down meal.
  38. Scrapbook – Make a book out of all those photos you’ve been saving.
  39. Sew – Sew something. Or learn to sew.
  40. Shop – Or window shop.
  41. Silly – Do something silly. Incredibly silly!
  42. Skate – Go skating or rollerblading at your local rink or your driveway.
  43. Sneak – Sneak into a club without ID, even though you’re overage.
  44. Surprise – Surprise someone special with a gift, a visit or a party.
  45. Think – Just sit under a tree and reminisce and remember.
  46. Time Capsule – Bury a box full of memories.
  47. Visit – Go visit an old friend who you’ve only talked to on Facebook for the last year.
  48. Walk – Go for a walk. A hike, a jog, a bushwalk.
  49. Washing – Do another load of washing. It’s rare not to have SOME to do!
  50. Write – Write a story. By hand.
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