30 Fun Activities To Do Outside For The Whole Family

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Are you looking for fun activities for the family to enjoy outside? It is so easy to prop our kids in front of the TV or hand them an iPad for entertainment however you will soon see why getting 30 Fun Activities For The Whole Familythem outside and enjoying the fresh air is beneficial on so many levels.

A lovely soft green lawn is so inviting and makes for the most perfect area to play, create and have lots of fun.

This list of 30 activities for kids is just the tip of the iceberg. And best of all, they cost nothing!

1. Cloud watching: simply lie on the grass and look up the sky. What animals can you see in the soft clouds that are floating by?
2. Picnic: perfect place to have lunch on the soft grass.
3. Hide and seek: if the garden is large enough or there are enough nooks, enjoy the scenery with a perfect game of hide and seek.
4. Blow bubbles: make a mixture of washing detergent and water and see who can make the biggest bubbles.
5. Musical statues: play some music or sing songs and get the kids to dance around – when the music stops everyone must freeze like a statue.
6. Water games: playing with a sprinkler or hose on a hot day is amazing fun and can also give the garden a well deserved drink (water restrictions must be observed)
7. Star gazing: when the sun sets, lay on the soft carpet-like grass and look up at the stars – see if you can find the brightest star, or the saucepan.
8. Ball: kick a ball or play catch – great for coordination and exercise.
9. Scavenger hunt: hide a few clues around the garden with the final being a prize.
10. Three-legged races: using an old stocking tie one right ankle to another child’s left ankle and see how far they can run without falling over.
11. Relax: take off your shoes and socks and enjoy feeling the grass between your toes.
12. Tea parties: set up a tea party for teddy bears or dolls with some fresh fruit and water as healthy snack options.
13. Make daisy chains: pick some flowers and make thread them together to make a cute necklace or bracelet.
14. Cubby house: set up a tent or make one with a sheet and a few garden chairs and play imaginary games.
15. Water table: fill buckets with water and using plastic cups and bowls let the kids splash and play – and on a warm day it makes for the perfect way to keep cool
16. Read: find a shady tree and read a book
17. Paper airplanes: fold up paper airplanes and see who’s can fly the furthest.
18. Craft: collect sticks, leaves and little seeds to glue to paper to make a craft creation.
19. Gardening: get the kids to help with some basic weeding or collect the leaves.
20. Water: get a little jug and give the plants a well-deserved drink.
21. Animal find: go on a safari see who can find the most insects, bugs or animals.
22. Building: collect up rocks, twigs and other random garden finds and see who can build the tallest tower before it collapses
23. Fly a kite: if you don’t have a kite, make one with a small plastic bag and a toy soldier or doll.
24. Listen: Lie on the grass and close your eyes and listen for sounds – see how many noises can be identified.
25. I Spy: play I-spy game using only what you can see in the garden.
26. Plant: give the kids their own special pot plant and seeds and have them plant something of their very own like magic beans.
27. Sunset: relax on the grass and enjoy the sunset – see what colors the sky changes
28. What’s under there: using gloves if necessary, look under rocks, pots, plants and bushes to see what may be hiding or living in the ‘fairy garden’.
29. Free play: running, hopping, skipping, handstands or cartwheels
30. Family meals: consider having breakfast, lunch or dinner out on the grass as a family activity.

The benefit of having a well maintained lawn means your kids wont end up with grazed knees or burnt feet from the hot summer sun.

And don’t let the kids have all the fun. Get all the family involved for added enjoyment.

Plus I love the smell of a freshly mown lawn. Don’t you?

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