How Can I Make My Brittle Nails Stronger?

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Brittle nails are just as annoying as weak nails.  If you struggle to get your fingernails to a length you aspire to, there finger nails brittleare natural ways to take the brittle, dry element out of your nails and soften them up, and allow them to become strong and healthy.

How to make brittle nails stronger

Nails are made from keratin, a protein found in the skin and hair.  Living cells in the fingers make the protein, which is then pushed towards the ends of the fingers where it hardens.

Several factors, including age, the environment and health can contribute to weak, brittle nails but there are ways to strengthen them using natural methods.

  • Protecting the nails from the elements is one of the best ways to get strong, healthy nails.
  • Trim nails to a short, squarish shape with slightly rounded tops. Use a nail clipper when nails are softer
  • Gently file nails with a fine nail file to remove snags or rough spots.
  • Apply a good quality moisturising cream on your fingers and nails before going to bed and after you wash your hands.
  • Massage the cream into the cuticles. Remember to choose an organic moisturiser which contains natural ingredients and do not have any toxic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in their production.

Tip: Look out for ‘certified organic’, which means that you can be assured that the product has ingredients are truly natural, chemical free & effective.

  • You can always soak your fingernails in luke warm salty water and after you have wiped clean and dry, rub in a little coconut oil or if you prefer to, take a cotton ball and immerse it in coconut or olive oil and gently wipe it on your brittle fingernails.

Products to avoid

Remember to always avoid using acetone regularly (or at all) as it can actually strip the natural oils from your fingernails.

Are brittle nails diet related?

Dieticians believe that brittle nails are also caused by lack of vitamins and minerals; especially zinc.  There are so many simple way to introduce more zinc into your diet.  Take a look at foods that contain zinc.



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