Why Does My Natural Tan Look Orange?

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Whether you are an advocate for natural tanning in the sun, are keen on using some of the more natural tan orangenatural alternatives on the market or prefer a tan in a can, you’d have to agree that there is nothing worse than a tanned body that looks orange and not brown. So why does a natural tan that’s not from a tube, look orange?

Tanning is the body’s natural attempt to protect itself

Did you know that when skin tans, or darkens, it’s a natural approach to protecting itself from the sun’s rays. Every person’s skin reacts differerntly to the sun. Some people burn, some turn a lovely shade of bronze and some cannot even put a toe in the sun without a nasty reaction.

Tanning – a healthier option?

Although it is quite healthy to get the rays of the sun at least 20 minutes a day for a good dose of Vitamin D, not everyone considers a bronzed look a healthy look. As for an orange tint, it could be due to changes in diet or it could be simply part of your natural makeup.

It’s also worthwhile knowing that if you are naturally tanned and then get burnt, your skin can take on an orange look. Avoid the sun for a couple of days and it should subside.

For the most part, a natural tan can look orange because it is simply the way that your skin reacts to the sun and unfortunately you can’t do much about it. Try a higher SPF sun tan lotion or avoid the sun altogether and retain your natural healthy skin, just like nature intended.

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