How To Maintain a Natural Holistic Lifestyle

  Holistic living is a way of life where the decisions we make and how we act honours our higher being and has a positive impact on the environment and our community. It is where our body, mind and spirit are in sync and the earth benefits from our existence. Maintaining a holistic lifestyle is achievable through the continuous practice of mindfulness. When we are mindful, every decision we make is a conscious, considered one. Practicing mindfulness encourages us to question why we decide to act the way we do and consider the impacts of our actions in a selfless way. Living holistically means making ethical choices that are beneficial for you, the community and the environment. Practicing mindfulness Living holistically means taking care of you by nourishing your body with unprocessed foods full of nutrients. Your body is your temple, your vessel in this dimension. If you want your mind, body and soul to connect you need to respect your body. This also goes for exercising. Our physical form is not meant to remain stagnant for long periods of time, nor is it designed to endure hours of high intensity physical activity. Everyone’s body is different, to know what foods and the type of exercise that best suits you, practice mindfulness and listen to your intuition. A great way to add mindfulness to your daily routine is by adding a meditation to your schedule in the morning or at night. Reflect on your feelings and thoughts, and allow negative energies to detach and flow through with ease. Take part in sacred relationships Connect with your family and friends... read more

How to Create Your Own Wellness Retreat At Home

You don’t have to spend a fortune to attend a weekend wellness retreat where you’ll relax in a stress-free environment and be pampered from head to toe. Believe it or not, you can easily create the same atmosphere at home. Creating your own peaceful and serene oasis can be done right in the comforts of your own home. All you need to do is follow these simple tips to have your own rejuvenating retreat without ever leaving your home: Meditate Many weekend wellness retreats offer guests a place to meditate and ease their mind from draining thoughts and their body of unwanted stress. You can easily incorporate a few minutes of mediation by sitting in complete silence in a comfy position with your eyes closed. Focus on your breathing and clear your mind. Make it a point not to think of anything other than your breathing. Sip on herbal and green tea Tea is the beverage of choice for many retreat centers, so head to your local store and pick up some tea. Brew a cup in the morning as soon as you get out of bed to start the day off right. A cup of green tea can improve your physical performance and brain function, as well as aids in weight loss and fighting off infections. Go for walks Take a 30-minute walk in the morning and then take another one in the evening when the sun sets. Go around your neighbourhood and just take in the beauty of it all, while letting the worries of the world slip away with every step you take. Read Reading can... read more

5 Everyday Items Yоu Should Implement intо Yоur Beauty Routine

Your skin іѕ аn incredibly unique organ. Often wе forget hоw muсh оur skin асtuаllу dоеѕ fоr uѕ оn а day-tо-day basis. Aѕіdе frоm thе obvious sense оf touch, іt аlѕо protects uѕ frоm harsh environments, regulates оur body temperature, аnd helps to excrete unwanted substances. Okay enough with the science-y stuff. In short, our skin is important so we should take really good care of it. Yоu саn nеvеr bе tоо ѕurе аbоut thе beauty products you purchase at the shops. Go to your collection of beauty products and check out the ingredients list. Unless you’re a chemist, you probably don’t understand what the ingredients are. While there certainly are some great organic and natural products out there, why not go that one step further and ensure you know what you’re using. Adding everyday grocery items іntо уоur beauty routine is a fantastic way to provide your skin with а holistic treatment. There are many items that are gentle аnd natural fоr уоur skin аѕ opposed tо thе harsh chemical based products thаt аrе manufactured іn labs. Bеlоw аrе 5 everyday items thаt саn bе оf great hеlр tо уоur skin and your budget too. Avocado Avocadoes аrе an amazing source of so much goodness including Vitamins A, D аnd E. Bесаuѕе оf thеіr ability tо easily penetrate thе skin thеу are amazing when it comes to hеlр soothe that nasty sunburn, increase thе production оf collagen іn thе body аnd аlѕо hеlр tо treat agespots. Eggs This one often comes as a surprise to people but apart from having a great protein profile that is nourishing for уоur body, thе nutrients іn eggs аrе аlѕо a fantastic way to look after your... read more

How to Create a Vertical Garden At Home

When you are short on space but oozing enthusiasm, creating a vertical garden is not only a super creative way to enjoy a world of greenery but is so very simple. Use a range of household items, a pre-designed kit or scour the gardening section of Gumtree for heaps of inexpensive goodies to get you going. Looking to turn a patio wall from boring to brilliant? Here’s how! It all starts with a frame Just as you would mark out the boundaries for a normal garden bed, you need to consider the shape and dimensions of your vertical garden. There are so many ways to create a framework within which your masterpiece will grow. • Picture frames: Have any old picture frames that you no longer need? Repurpose them with ease. Attach some chicken wire to the frame, add a backing board and fill with soil. • Ladder: An old wooden ladder placed against a wall makes for a perfect trellis and minimizes the need for any additional wall mounting requirements. • Old building materials: If you are feeling creative, why not gather a selection of pipes or metal rods and construct a frame, which can be attached to your wall and be used as a great basis to build upon. What are suitable plants? There really are no limitations to your plant selection when designing a vertical wall garden. You could choose a selection of herbs, grow vegetables, flowering greenery, vines or simply use succulents. The only consideration is the weight of the soil and ensuring your frame can support any plant that needs to climb. Not your... read more

Homemade Vs Commercial Cleaning Products – Which Are Better?

When it comes to choosing cleaning products for a home or office environment, the decision can be rather difficult because of the large range of both commercial and natural or home made varieties available.  All promise to lift stains and tackle grime on a variety of surfaces, however which are best?  Let’s have a look at the features of each and help take the guesswork out of reaching for a miracle solution. Homemade cleaning products Natural or homemade cleaning products are very often a product of choice for those who seek not only a cost effective solution, but also one that will minimise chemical use and ensure safety for pets and animals in the home.  There are many recipes available online which advocates swear by as the only product you’ll ever need. Typically, they use common household ingredients including baking soda, vinegar and citric acid, however as with all product, it is wise to test a small area first because some natural alternatives work perfectly on certain surfaces, while others may cause more damage.  When mixing ingredients at home, research is imperative to ensure accurate ratios are used otherwise the mix may prove to be unsafe after all. Commercial cleaning products Store-bought commercial cleaning products are manufactured to strict guidelines and whilst they can contain harmful ingredients, they are included in minimal amounts that allow them to be sold to consumers.  The biggest benefit of buying commercially is that there are clear instructions provided on how, when and where to use the solution.  This takes away any potential confusion and ensures that the right product is purchased for its... read more

Natural Pest Control Solutions

When it comes to pest control, it’s always a good idea to consider chemical free options particularly when you have children and pets in the home. When we are faced with uninvited guests such as mice, ants, and fruit fly, luckily there are safe solutions available and a professional pest control company just a phone call away. Here are a few ways we can prevent pest infestations and solutions to ensure our children and pets are safe. Maintain a clean environment Most common household pests such as ants and flies are attracted into our homes by food that has either been left lying around or not tightly sealed. By making a conscious effort to ensure that our living environment is regularly maintained, we are giving them the hint to go elsewhere. With kids, it is often very hard to pick up all food crumbs, all the time, however we should try our best and remember to remove pet food bowls off the floor once eating time is over. When we empty rubbish bins regularly and keep food preparation areas wiped down, we are well on Ants Ants find their way in our houses via the smallest of cracks and gravitate to anything sweet. There are many of store-bought ant powders which are effective at stopping them in their tracks, however if you are seeking a natural alternative, consider sprinkling talc, cinnamon or even ground coffee beans across their trail and along the windowsills and doorways. Diatomaceous earth also works really well to keep ants away and it’s non-toxic. If you are partial to the scent of peppermint, put a... read more

Father Daughter Quotes: 30 Daddy’s Little Girl Bonding Moments

There is no denying that parents play a significant role in any child’s life, providing guidance and protection. It is often said that boys have a special connection to their mothers, and girls a unique relationship with their fathers. Some studies have even gone so far as to report that girls who share a strong bond with their dad are emotionally and physically healthier than those who don’t. A healthy relationship between a dad and his little girl can produce amazing results. Regardless of the research, the studies, or the theories, a dad will be the first man in a little girl’s life. There will be moments when he will embarrass her and he will make her cringe. He may dress a bit too dad-like or show up at the “wrong times.” However, he will love her, protect her and share with her a bond that no other man will ever replace. A daughter will always be daddy’s little girl and a dad will always have a soft spot in his heart for his special girl. Cherish the moments. Cherish the simple things in life. Here are 30 special moments that a proud dad and his little girl can share. Advice for Dads Tell her you love her. Look her in the eye. Mean it. The day she replies with “I love you too, daddy” will melt your heart. Teach her to climb a tree and play sports. She will love the comfort you provide her if she is scared or falls and grazes her knee. She will remember those moments. Play dress up. Yes, you may feel a... read more

3 Natural Ways To Improve Your Memory

Do you need a boost, naturally?  Are you looking for a safe and natural way to improve your memory? It can be extremely frustrating when you’re at work and you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast that morning or when you walk into a room and are not even sure why.  Let’s face it, we all do it.  Unfortunately, this problem comes with age and we all have to deal with it. However, there’s good news! You can slow the effects of memory loss by eating certain healthy foods.  3 healthy foods in fact. So, if you want to improve your memory to help you get the job done, start munching on these healthy, brain-boosting foods today! Memory boosting anchovies Whether or not you like them on your pizza, anchovies are a great food to add to your diet. Anchovies are a great source of omega-3s which can help fight against memory loss. Plus, the healthy fats in these these little fish can put you in a better mood! Who knew? Healthy berries We all know about the antioxidents berries provide however these juicy treats are even better than you thought! Research has shown that fruits like blueberries and strawberries can help boost memory. Apparently it is the flavonoids found in the berries that are the natural triggers that help our brain. Flavonoids slow stress, help to reduce inflammation; it’s these 2 elements which can contribute to causes memory loss. Onions, onions, onions Yes onions make you cry and yes they can also give you bad breath but don’t shy away from adding onions to your sandwich!  Studies show that the quercetin found in... read more

Perfectly Imperfect Quotes

Are you perfectly imperfect too? I bet there is someone you know who looks like they have it all. Who looks like they do it all. They are always full of smiles, well dressed and happy. You may even envy them. You may look inwards to yourself and wish you were like them. I bet, without any shadow of a doubt, that they have a long long list of things that they do not do too. I bet too, that some of the things that they do not do, you do! So you are good! And if they saw your list of do’s and do not do’s they will envy you. Just like me I bet you are perfectly imperfect. I am not perfect. I am me. This is the list of things that I don’t do. I do not: Iron or keep the washing basket empty. In fact I think there is washing still in the machine now…from yesterday. Fold the laundry regularly – it usually looks like Mount Everest. Come up with activities for my children to do as often as I should. Leave the house every day. Stop for lunch or eat proper healthy meals. Pamper myself. Rinse out the paint brush. Tend to my garden as much as I should. Go out for coffee with my friends every week (as much as people think thats that’s what a stay at home mum does). Read as much as I used to; unfortunately. Keep up with my filing. Remember birthdays and anniversaries all the time. Leave the house after 7pm at night as that would mean leaving... read more