How to Create a Vertical Garden At Home

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When you are short on space but oozing enthusiasm, creating a vertical garden is not only a super How to Create a Vertical Garden At Homecreative way to enjoy a world of greenery but is so very simple. Use a range of household items, a pre-designed kit or scour the gardening section of Gumtree for heaps of inexpensive goodies to get you going.
Looking to turn a patio wall from boring to brilliant? Here’s how!

It all starts with a frame

Just as you would mark out the boundaries for a normal garden bed, you need to consider the shape and dimensions of your vertical garden. There are so many ways to create a framework within which your masterpiece will grow.
Picture frames: Have any old picture frames that you no longer need? Repurpose them with ease. Attach some chicken wire to the frame, add a backing board and fill with soil.

Ladder: An old wooden ladder placed against a wall makes for a perfect trellis and minimizes the need for any additional wall mounting requirements.

Old building materials: If you are feeling creative, why not gather a selection of pipes or metal rods and construct a frame, which can be attached to your wall and be used as a great basis to build upon.

What are suitable plants?

There really are no limitations to your plant selection when designing a vertical wall garden. You could choose a selection of herbs, grow vegetables, flowering greenery, vines or simply use succulents.
The only consideration is the weight of the soil and ensuring your frame can support any plant that needs to climb.

Not your ordinary pot

When it comes to your pot selection, this is your chance to be as unique as you can.
Baskets: Lined with plastic, woven baskets become a fabulous alternative to a traditional pot and can be attached to a frame with a hook.
Household items: Consider using old metal jugs and containers as planter pots too. You could even use a shoe caddy…now that’s creative!


Create unique art

Your vertical garden does not need to be completely covered in plants. Wall art is also very popular so dust off your creativity and paint a mural. If you have some old tiles lying around in the shed, consider using them to create a mosaic.

Keeping plants fed and watered

Since your new vertical garden is not in the ground, you’ll need to pay extra attention to keeping them healthy. Regular watering and nutrients are essential.
You could consider repurposing kitchen scraps and making your own compost. Not only is this economical but a great way to reuse what may normally be thrown away.

Consider a DIY vertical garden for your home. It will definitely add a wow factor and help create a lovely piece of nature without taking up any space at all.

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