Homemade Vs Commercial Cleaning Products – Which Are Better?

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When it comes to choosing cleaning products for a home or office environment, the decision can be Homemade Vs Commercial Cleaning Productsrather difficult because of the large range of both commercial and natural or home made varieties available.  All promise to lift stains and tackle grime on a variety of surfaces, however which are best?  Let’s have a look at the features of each and help take the guesswork out of reaching for a miracle solution.

Homemade cleaning products

Natural or homemade cleaning products are very often a product of choice for those who seek not only a cost effective solution, but also one that will minimise chemical use and ensure safety for pets and animals in the home.  There are many recipes available online which advocates swear by as the only product you’ll ever need.

Typically, they use common household ingredients including baking soda, vinegar and citric acid, however as with all product, it is wise to test a small area first because some natural alternatives work perfectly on certain surfaces, while others may cause more damage.  When mixing ingredients at home, research is imperative to ensure accurate ratios are used otherwise the mix may prove to be unsafe after all.

Commercial cleaning products

Store-bought commercial cleaning products are manufactured to strict guidelines and whilst they can contain harmful ingredients, they are included in minimal amounts that allow them to be sold to consumers.  The biggest benefit of buying commercially is that there are clear instructions provided on how, when and where to use the solution.  This takes away any potential confusion and ensures that the right product is purchased for its intended use.

The active ingredients used are often difficult to source individually, so replicating them at home can be hard. Even if it was possible, for safety reasons, the correct ratio is critical.

Which products are better?

The choice to select natural over commercial is growing in popularity as people lean towards opting for homemade alternatives, particularly with respect to household cleaning.  In recognition of this, many commercial organisations have adapted common products and turned them into eco-friendly varieties, which give consumers a green alternative whilst still providing confidence of a superior clean.

The choice of homemade versus commercial has to come down to personal preference and consideration of the area that requires cleaning. There is nothing wrong with using a mix of the two and stocking a laundry cupboard with a range of alternatives to cover all surfaces and stains.


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