How To Maintain a Natural Holistic Lifestyle

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How to maintain a natural holistic lifestyle


Holistic living is a way of life where the decisions we make and how we act honours our higher being and has a positive impact on the environment and our community. It is where our body, mind and spirit are in sync and the earth benefits from our existence.

Maintaining a holistic lifestyle is achievable through the continuous practice of mindfulness. When we are mindful, every decision we make is a conscious, considered one.

Practicing mindfulness encourages us to question why we decide to act the way we do and consider the impacts of our actions in a selfless way.

Living holistically means making ethical choices that are beneficial for you, the community and the environment.

Practicing mindfulness

Living holistically means taking care of you by nourishing your body with unprocessed foods full of nutrients. Your body is your temple, your vessel in this dimension. If you want your mind, body and soul to connect you need to respect your body. This also goes for exercising. Our physical form is not meant to remain stagnant for long periods of time, nor is it designed to endure hours of high intensity physical activity. Everyone’s body is different, to know what foods and the type of exercise that best suits you, practice mindfulness and listen to your intuition.

A great way to add mindfulness to your daily routine is by adding a meditation to your schedule in the morning or at night. Reflect on your feelings and thoughts, and allow negative energies to detach and flow through with ease.

Take part in sacred relationships

Connect with your family and friends on a genuine level. Don’t be afraid to let them know about changes in your lifestyle and your reasons for doing so. Not everyone will agree with the changes you’re making, but by being genuine to your friends and family, you honour yourself.

This also attracts the right people into your life, and can even encourage friends and family to live more holistically too.

Nurture the environment

Mother earth is an amazing life force full of wonders. A noticeable attitude shift as you progress on your journey of holistic living is a new found gratitude of the beauty of all natural living things. There is no right or wrong thing here; it is up to you to choose how you want to honour the environment. Some choose to go vegan and others choose to create a self-sufficient garden and mini-farm and live off their own land. Others simply trade in walking on the treadmill to go hiking the bush track, as just being in nature is enough.

We would love to hear how you live holistically. Feel free to share your lifestyle choices in the comments section below.

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