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When it comes to pest control, it’s always a good idea to consider chemical free options particularly Natural Pest Control Solutionswhen you have children and pets in the home. When we are faced with uninvited guests such as mice, ants, and fruit fly, luckily there are safe solutions available and a professional pest control company just a phone call away. Here are a few ways we can prevent pest infestations and solutions to ensure our children and pets are safe.

Maintain a clean environment

Most common household pests such as ants and flies are attracted into our homes by food that has either been left lying around or not tightly sealed. By making a conscious effort to ensure that our living environment is regularly maintained, we are giving them the hint to go elsewhere. With kids, it is often very hard to pick up all food crumbs, all the time, however we should try our best and remember to remove pet food bowls off the floor once eating time is over. When we empty rubbish bins regularly and keep food preparation areas wiped down, we are well on


Ants find their way in our houses via the smallest of cracks and gravitate to anything sweet. There are many of store-bought ant powders which are effective at stopping them in their tracks, however if you are seeking a natural alternative, consider sprinkling talc, cinnamon or even ground coffee beans across their trail and along the windowsills and doorways. Diatomaceous earth also works really well to keep ants away and it’s non-toxic. If you are partial to the scent of peppermint, put a few drops of peppermint essential oil onto a cotton wool ball and wipe everything down (door frames, cabinets, counter tops, floors, etc.)

Annoying mosquitos

One useful way to deter mosquitos is with the scent of essential oils. Citronella and lemongrass are two commonly found immersed in candles, which release the scent when burning. You can also hang a mosquito trap near your doorways, which are also very effective. Attracted by warm light, the insects are lured in and trapped. Both of these methods are great ideas and don’t add any chemicals to our environment.


Seeking rats and mice running in your garden or worse still, in your home, is a creepy feeling. Even if your windows are sealed and doors closed, they can make their way into wall crevices and thrive off access to a food and water supply. If it is save to do so, start by lying some traps as long as they have locks or seals, which prevent them from being tampered. You can also lay steel wool along any access points, as they cannot chew through that. A few drops of peppermint essential oil mixed with a heavy carrier, like castor oil or coconut oil, is a great natural solution. Strategically place soaked cotton balls in places where the mice are and it will be a great deterrent.

If you have a few issues to tackle and you are not sure where to start, contact the experts in pest control in your local areas so help you and ensure you keep your home, pets and family safe.

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