10 Ways to Naturally Relieve Epidural Back Pain after Birth

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10 Natural Remedies For Epidural Backache After BirthAre you seeking natural ways to relieve the pain of an epidural?

If you recently gave birth and had an epidural, you may be one of the many women who experience short or long term back pack. Although some studies have claimed the two are not related, anecdotal evidence strongly indicates otherwise.

Postpartum backache is often caused by ligament strain, time spent in a damaging position or inappropriate movement during labor. Because her muscles are relaxed and body is numb, it’s much easier for a woman to injure herself during birth. In addition to this, bad placement of the needle and a range of other issues can lead to longterm back pain.

Although the pain can persist for a long period of time after birth and there is no guarantee as to when it will fully disappear, there are some things you can do to naturally relieve the pain in the meantime:

  1. Heat. Applying heat to the area can often provide short term relief.
  2. Sit cross legged then bend forwards as far as you are able. This can provide short to medium term relief.
  3. Use both sides of your body. Often mothers tend to carry things on one side or the other, which can put their backs out of wack. Try to work on carrying loads on each side in turn, or in front.
  4. Wall squats. Lean against the wall and slowly do a squat, using the wall for a back support. Repeat several times daily.
  5. Ankle pumps. Lay down with your legs stretched straight and flatten your feet then relax them. Repeat several times daily.
  6. Physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic.  With the right practitioner, you can often get  medium to long term relief.
  7. If you’re experiencing more severe back ache during a period, you could try a vaginal steam.
  8. Magnesium has a range of benefits including relief of back and muscle pain. Magnesium spray applied directly to the area is effective, as is drinking oil of magnesia or having an epsom salts bath.
  9. Cod liver oil or coconut oil added to your diet (or taken in pill form) can decrease the frequency of back pain.
  10. Turmeric – simple and common but with amazing longterm health effects, many longterm backache sufferers have used it to find relief.
  11. Acupuncture. Some women have found that repeat acupuncture treatments can relieve or even completely remove epidural induced back pain.

This is a guest blog post by birth doula Susannah Birch. You can check out her blog over at Trimester Talk.

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