Living To 100 May Be In Your Genes

Age is the largest risk factor for multiple chronic diseases — yet, we know so little about the specific genetic differences that contribute to varying life expectancies (no matter how much this woman tells us it’s to drink Miller High Life). Or at least we did prior to a recent study published in the journal... read more

4 Ways to Remove the Smell of Moth Balls and Naphthalene

Moth balls have a smell that is hard to forget. It is a heavy, sharp odour that lingers on anything it touches and often is hard to remove. The smell probably brings to mind old people, old clothes and old furniture. Of course you don’t want your personal belongings to smell like moth balls – especially your clothes. And I’m sure you’ll find that washing the clothes in a normal washing machine with normal laundry detergent is not likely to make much of a dent in the smell. Naphthalene, a common ingredient in moth balls, is actually harmful and is not recommended for use with clothing although some people still use it. It is also very dangerous for newborn babies and children up till the age of three (although it’s not very safe for any age.) Below you’ll find some basic steps to take to rid your clothes of the odour and remnants of moth balls, as well as some alternatives to moth balls to stop moths getting into your clothes and leaving holes.   Removing the Odour and Traces Bleach. This is a strong disinfectant that is great for killing a large variety of germs as well as removing strong smells. Throw some in with the washing if the colors are suitable. White Vinegar. If you are worried about the color fastness of your clothing or prefer an alternaltive that isn’t quite so strong, add some white vinegar to your washing load. It also acts as a disinfectant and can remove strong smells. Fabric Softener. Doing another wash cycle with fabric softener helps get the deep seated smell... read more

12 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

There are lots of natural ways to get rid of cockroaches and other unwanted pests around the home.  Cockroaches are annoying pests that breed rapidly and spread germs. They also cause allergies and respiratory conditions. If you see one cockroach there is a high chance that there are many more lurking close by. Many people prefer not to use harsh and poisonous chemicals and pesticides, so here are some natural ways you can get rid of these pests.   1. Keep Areas Clean and Dry The best way to discourage cockroach activity is to make the area uninteresting and unattractive. Make sure you clean up all food crumbs, empty the trash as much as possible and keep as much of your house dry. If you are having severe problems, try to keep any trash out of reach and do your dishes immediately after you use them so cockroaches have nothing to eat.   2. Baking Soda & Sugar A combination of equal parts of baking soda and sugar can be placed in small containers (such as bottle caps) and left where cockroaches regularly run. Place some water close by. In theory, the cockroaches are attracted to the sugar, eat the baking soda and then, when they drink the water, the mixture causes gas to build in their stomachs and kill them. 3. Glue and Sticky Cockroach Traps These relatively cheap glue traps catch any bug that slithers past – including cockroaches. You can bait them with any type of food that cockroaches enjoy and watch them catch dozens of pests.   4. Borax & Sugar Mix equal parts of... read more

26 Ways to (Naturally) Not Be Nervous

Nervousness and anxiety happens to us all at some point in our lives. Whether in your professional or your personal life, nerves will hit and there isn’t much you can do about it. Or is there? Without resorting to medication, if nerves are becoming an issue and affecting your day to day routine, then here is a list of natural remedies to help reduce those jitters. Chamomile Chamomile tea, two to three times a day, is an especially good remedy to resort to when nervousness strikes or failing that, chamomile supplements. Chamomile is known to significantly reduce anxiety and nervousness due to the relaxation promoting ingredients, apigenin and luteolin. Green Tea Green tea is a refreshing and relaxing drink which can help soothe the nerves. The amino acid L-theanine in green tea can also help with blood pressure and a rising heart rate. L-theanine As mentioned above, L-theanine is found in green tea however it is also found in black tea and can be taken in capsule form. This water-soluble amino acid works to combat nervous and anxiety without any drowsiness or other side effects. Hops Hops otherwise known as Humulus lupulus can sometimes be found in tea form. The herb is often used as a sedative to help promote relaxation and sleep. Valerian Root Valerian is generally taken as a capsule, tea or in liquid form, but note that it can have a rather unpleasant smell. It has been used as a sedative to help insomnia since the ancient Greek and Roman empires and can help reduce anxiety and nerves. Lemon Balm Lemon balm has been used for... read more

Most Popular Adult Coloring In Books and Designs

Whether you prefer to call them mindfulness coloring books, stress-free therapy or simply coloring in books for grown ups, it’s safe to say that these books are the next hottest must have items! In fact the designs are so varied there is bound to be a style that takes you back to your childhood and provides you with the relaxation that you are seeking or use them for meditation.   You can buy them everywhere now – you can also just print off colouring sheets from the net for a cheaper option. Let’s take a look at some of the top sellers on the market at the moment. 1. Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book   For only $10, Johanna Basford takes colorists through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle. Similarly interactive like SECRET GARDEN, ENCHANTED FOREST also features hidden objects and fun mazes. Beginning at the entrance to a fairy-tale forest, the journey progresses through highly embellished woods and through intricate flora. Castles, treasure chests, and other magical elements add a fairy tale narrative to the designs. Special features include a gate-folded two-page spread, and a colorable jacket. Prepare yourself to get lost in a magical world with this interactive activity book that takes you through a secret garden of incredible drawings by Johanna Basford. 2. Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation (A Zen Coloring Book) This is another adult colouring in book by art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter.  Color Me Calm is a guided coloring book with 100 coloring templates all designed to help you get coloring and get relaxed. Organized... read more

5+ Essential Foods For Your Natural First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll need it.  A first aid kit. If you find yourself in need of some comfort from minor ailments that don’t require professional medical attention, here are a few cheap, easy ways to turn everyday food items, into a natural first aid kit. Get yourself a good-sized portable first aid kit bag.  And yes, it can be empty.  Remember you’re about to fill it up with all good, natural items. 1. Honey Have you ever been travelling and been served up single-serving packets of honey as part of breakfast?  If you can, grab a few extra and keep them for your first aid kit.  Honey is an amazing product and not only just yummy to eat. If you’re in a colder climate and experience windburn or chapped skin, spread some on your face and rinse off for a rich, moisturizing skin-soother. It’s also great for burns and sore throats. And for long-term trips, take a spoonful of locally made honey daily to assist with allergies. 2. Chamomile tea Naturally calming, good for relaxing at night, and tasty – that much you already knew. But it’s also great to add to a bath for sunburn. Soaking a washcloth in chamomile tea and applying it to the skin is a good way to help with yeast or heat rashes; let it sit on the skin and dry well afterward. Make sure a few tea bags are in your first aid kit – the cheap kind will do just fine! 3. Garlic cloves Yeah, it smells, and if you use it raw, it’s possible that nobody will want to... read more

10+ Alternative Natural Medicines To Treat Common Colds, Bites and Skin Issues

There are many tried and tested natural remedies for ailments and alternative medicines to consider. This list is by no means exhaustive, however will give you some ideas when you are looking for an alternative. 1. Echinacea Also known as echinacea purpurea, helps support a healthy immune system and has both antibacterial and antibiotic properties. If you start to feel something coming on, dosing yourself with echinacea is a good way to help you stay healthy. At the very least, you won’t stay sick as long. It works well in conjunction with vitamin C. 2. Goldenseal  Goldenseal, also known as Hydrastis Canadensis, is a powerful antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-parasitical potion.  It comes in a variety of forms, capsules, powder and liquid. In its powdered form, it can be applied to open cuts to help them from getting infected. It can zap parasites and help to keep your intestinal tract free of them. Coupled with echinacea, it can take on more serious colds like strep throat when you are in a pinch. Goldenseal is an all around healing herb! This is the type of herb that you do not take every day, it is for times when you are sick. When your family starts to get the flu take Goldenseal along with Echinacia and Garlic. These last two you can take every day. Echinacia is like an immune system builder. Garlic is good for all sorts of things. It helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, immunity builder, plus a slew of other things. Goldenseal is a cycle herb, meaning that you take it for 10 days and then stay off of it for 10 days.... read more

Wheatgrass To Naturally Heal Acne

We mostly hear about wheatgrass juice as something to drink, but it can also be great to keep your skin healthy. One such skin condition that wheatgrass can help is acne. Millions of people around the world have acne, and there is strong evidence that three is a connection between the food that we eat and the amount of acne that is on our skin. I am convinced that drinking wheatgrass juice as part of a healthy living regimen can reduce acne. Although most physicians are quick to dismiss remedies that aren’t pharmaceutical, many people have used wheatgrass to treat acne with great successs. Skin care companies know about the healing properties of wheatgrass as well.  You can buy skin creams that contain wheatgrass as a major ingredient. Not all doctors dismiss wheatgrass and other home remedies though.  There is a doctor in Australia who has treated over 30,000 patients with skin problems. He is absolutely convinced that wheatgrass can heal skin problems like excema, wound healing, post-laser surgery, on skin grafts, and applied to burns. Here is what he has to say: “Based on comprehensive scientific evidence and my own numerous clinical observations (>25,000) since 1995, wheatgrass and other cereal grasses appear to be capable of stimulating the activity of human growth factors. This process in turn facilitates the natural healing process in hemostasis and hemolysis, wound healing, fracture healing, inflammation and numerous other situations.” Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.  Have you used wheatgrass to treat any skin... read more

25+ Natural Beauty Tips

Are you looking for natural beauty tips?  Beauty is more than what we see.  There’s no doubt about that.  Regardless there are always the occasion when we are seeking a little pick-me-up beauty treatment and prefer to reach for a natural alternative. Here are 25+ natural beauty tips, some a little more out there than others, but all worthwhile giving a go. Research into the beauty regimes, habits and rituals of women found that one in ten say they would be prepared to try any bizarre tips if it made them look better.  Would you? Cellulite – Rub ground coffee on any skin areas where cellulite is visible. White teeth – Apply baking soda on teeth to make them whiter. Shiny hair – Rinse your hair with raw eggs or beer to make it appear shiny. Skin irritations – Dab toothpaste on spots and insect bites to help to heal them. Look youthful – Drink plenty of water, milk and cranberry juice Reduce freckles – Rub strawberries on your face to minimise the appearance of freckles and adding sugar to soap to exfoliate. Wrinkles – Sleep on your back to avoid lines on your face and investing in a 100% silk pillowcase. Freshen puffy eyes – Place a slice of cool cucumber on your eyes to freshen them up. Tired eyes – Tea bags on tired eyes work wonders apparently. Oily hair – Brush talcum powder through hair to freshen it up. Soft feet –  Sleep in socks filled with moisturiser for soft feet. No makeup look – Pinch your cheeks to give a natural blush. Shaving – Shave legs with hair conditioner... read more