40 Natural Toothache and Wisdom Tooth Remedies

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40 natural toothache remediesAre you seeking natural remedies for a toothache or pain as a result of having wisdom teeth removed?
If you’re unable to get into the dentist as soon as you’d hoped, some of these tips may help you relieve the pain. Remember:
Different remedies work for different people.
Some remedies may work well at first but slowly stop working.
  1. Clove Oil – Rub a little on the tooth and gum.
  2. Hot water bottle or heat pack on the side of the jaw.
  3. Cold ice pack on the side of the jaw.
  4. Peanut butter applied directly to the tooth. Repeat applications as saliva will remove it.
  5. An onion placed on the cheek side of the tooth. Bite it occasionally to let out juice.
  6. Gently tap the sore tooth with your nail 3-4 times. (Temporary relief only.)
  7. Swish a mixture of salt (preferably natural sea salt) water around in your mouth for 30 seconds and also brush your teeth with it.
  8. Remove the veins from cabbage, roll it with a rolling pin then put this compress against the tooth and gum.
  9. Apply a small dab of vanilla essence to the tooth.
  10. Have someone pour a very small amount of warmed olive oil into the ear on the side that the tooth aches.
  11. Boil guava leaves and then hold the mixture in the mouth for 30 seconds and spit.
  12. Hold a shot of whiskey in the mouth for 1 minute.
  13. Place a thumb and forefinger (one inside and one outside your mouth) and slowly work your way back towards the molar. There is a muscle near the back of the cheek which, when rubbed, can temporarily relieve toothache.
  14. Apply a small dab of peppermint extract to the sore tooth.
  15. Mix Swedish bitters with water and hold in the mouth for 30 seconds then spit.
  16. Suck on a sore throat lozenge, rubbing it against the tooth.
  17. Apply some hot chilli pepper seeds to the tooth.
  18. Wet a wash cloth and put some crushed ice in it. Bite down on it.
  19. Kanka – a pain relief liquid that resembles honey and is available in stores.
  20. Sangre De Drago applied to the tooth (A natural tree sap extract.)
  21. Swish vinegar in the mouth for 30 seconds.
  22. Mix some baking soda into a paste and apply to the tooth.
  23. Crush plantain leaves (a common garden weed) and apply to the tooth.
  24. Apply a hot, wet tea bag to the tooth.
  25. Chew on some gum to gently massage the teeth.
  26. Apply some xylitol (natural sugar that helps regrow teeth) to the tooth daily.
  27. Hold a piece of cheese (such as cheddar or mozzarella) against the tooth.
  28. Swish a mouthwash, preferably peppermint based, around the mouth.
  29. Tea tree oil applied directly to the tooth.
  30. Apply sliced ginger root to the tooth and bite down if possible.
  31. Apply oil of oregano to the tooth.
  32. Mix two teaspoons of dried sage, a teaspoon of natural sea salt and a shot of alcohol. Mix and leave for five minutes to infuse then swish in mouth for a minute at a time before spitting.
  33. Apply lavender oil to the outside of the jaw.
  34. Apply some fresh echinacea root to the tooth.
  35. Apply some cinnamon oil to the tooth.
  36. Crush or slice garlic and place against the tooth.
  37. Drink a glass of wheat grass juice (preferably home grown).
  38. Apply a slice of cold potato or cucumber to the tooth.
  39. Use oil pulling once per day to make your teeth stronger.
  40. Apply drops of goldenseal tincture to the tooth.
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