50 Things To Do When The Power Goes Out

Sometimes it seems our entire life can revolve around our computer, ipad or iphone. Sometimes they take over our lives to such an extent we forget how many things we can do without using a keyboard. Below are some great ways to have fun (often for the whole family) while avoiding technology overload. Bond – In our busy lives we sometimes forget to really appreciate our loved ones. Spend time talking, and really listening to each other. family bonding is priceless. Bike Ride – Go for a bicycle ride and drag a friend along. Cars – Learn how the inside of a car works. From someone who knows. Cocktail – Learn how to make a new cocktail or drink and have a fun night in! Cook – Try a new recipe or just invent something from the things you can find in the fridge! Crackers – Buy and set off some fire crackers. Just make sure they’re legal ones! Create – Build something from scratch. Dance – Go out dancing, whether it’s salsa, night clubbing or 50s swing. Discover – Learn how something works or pull something apart. Drive – Go for a drive and discover a place you’ve never been. Stop at a tiny shop for milkshakes. Enjoy – Sit down and really enjoy something – like a mango. Family – Go out and have fun with your kids or grandkids. Friends – Meet someone new. In the real world. Garden – Visit the local nursery and pick some flowers or vegetables and make your own garden or windowbox. Letter – Write a letter (on real paper, with a... read more

Nutri Bullet – Healthy juice recipes for healthy diets

Healthy Juice Healthy You Fruits and vegetables make incredibly healthy juices. Some of the most creative mixes and matches make up juice recipes that provide nutrient rich ‘meals’ and deliver enormous quantities of vitamins to those who would not normally opt for an ‘apple a day‘ or a ‘shot of wheatgrass‘. Not all juice recipes are the same however, and more importantly not all juicers are the same. The key is to be able to get the most nutrients out of all of your ingredients and not leave any fibre or the ‘good bits’ behind. Let’s discover the best juicers and how to make the best juices. Wonderfully refreshing on hot days, great snacks for the whole family and perfect for summer time alternative drinks. Give them a go! Masticating Juicer Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome  Buy Now What is the best juicer? If your aim is to improve on the volume of nutrients you consume daily, and are inspired by various cancer protocols which recommend various juiced fruit and vegetable mixes, you need to find the best juicer for the job. Your juicer needs to: extract the most juice from your selected fruits and vegetables, whilst retaining their enzyme signatures be able to juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables from apples, broccoli and carrots all the way down to wheatgrass, coriander, mint and even parsley Hand held juicers are often too time consuming, and more importantly are not ‘carrot’, or hard vegetable friendly. Regular electric juicers extract the juice but not the fibre which is a key to retaining nutritional benefits plus some actually heat the juice which can substantially... read more

6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Garlic is amazing. For many though it’s a love hate relationship. The enjoyment we get from eating it can be greatly outweighed by the stench we encounter sitting next to someone with awful garlic breath. And if we know we have just endowed a huge meal, full of garlic, it may be worth being aware of some of the most common to fight garlic breath. Here are 6 foods that you can enjoy (not all at once) that will go a long way to absorbing the excess garlic and helping you to feel a little more comfortable next time you need to get up close and personal with someone. > Apples > Spinach > Basil > Parsley > Green tea > Milk You can also squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto your tongue or even drink lemon water. Do you have a natural cure for garlic... read more

Are Buddha Finger Lemons Edible?

When you think of a citrus fruit, typically you think of a lemon, a lime and of course a juicy orange. Without a doubt they are the most common citrus fruits used in the home, and within recipes and restaurants around the world. However there are some other incredible fruits that are members of the citrus family that need their own shining light. Without further-ado, let’s turn on the spotlight and introduce the Kumquat, the Pomelo, the Limequat and Buddah Fingers. Have you heard of any or all of these fruits? Each of these incredible fruits needs its own stage to shine. They have special flavors, textures, nutritional benefits, uses and need to be enjoyed when ever and where ever possible. Nutritional Benefits of a Kumquat Kumquats are very low in calories and fat and are full of Vitamin A, B and C, Calcium, and Potassium The kumquat is a round fruit with orange skin. Originating in China, the Kumquat is now grown all around the world and is available from Israel to Spain. It is often referred to as a ‘Chinese Orange’, and it is known to be the smallest and the weirdest of all the common fruits in the citrus family. What does a Kumquat taste like The kumquat is a uniquely tasting fruit. It is bitter; inside and out. The skin of the kumquat is thin and is edible however has a bitter taste. The inner fruit is also bitter and has a tartness to it. Given this, you’d be probably thinking why do people grow kumquats and why would people want to eat them? Surprisingly they are very nutritional and versatile. How... read more

How to Create a Vertical Garden At Home

When you are short on space but oozing enthusiasm, creating a vertical garden is not only a super creative way to enjoy a world of greenery but is so very simple. Use a range of household items, a pre-designed kit or scour the gardening section of Gumtree for heaps of inexpensive goodies to get you going. Looking to turn a patio wall from boring to brilliant? Here’s how! It all starts with a frame Just as you would mark out the boundaries for a normal garden bed, you need to consider the shape and dimensions of your vertical garden. There are so many ways to create a framework within which your masterpiece will grow. • Picture frames: Have any old picture frames that you no longer need? Repurpose them with ease. Attach some chicken wire to the frame, add a backing board and fill with soil. • Ladder: An old wooden ladder placed against a wall makes for a perfect trellis and minimizes the need for any additional wall mounting requirements. • Old building materials: If you are feeling creative, why not gather a selection of pipes or metal rods and construct a frame, which can be attached to your wall and be used as a great basis to build upon. What are suitable plants? There really are no limitations to your plant selection when designing a vertical wall garden. You could choose a selection of herbs, grow vegetables, flowering greenery, vines or simply use succulents. The only consideration is the weight of the soil and ensuring your frame can support any plant that needs to climb. Not your... read more

Uses For Leftover Fruit And Vegetable Peels

Is getting more for your food budget an appealing idea to you? Then get a-peeling! But don’t toss those peels. The peels of many fruits and vegetables are edible, with the bonus of being rich in fiber and nutrients. And some peels that aren’t good to eat have healing or cleaning powers. Apple peelings: If you are peeling apples for pie or small children who reject the chewy peels, don’t throw those red or green skins away. Process the peels in a blender and store them in the freezer. They can be added when cooking oatmeal along with some cinnamon. You can also toss them into a smoothie to add apple flavor and fiber. If you don’t want to eat your apple peelings, use them to clean your aluminum pots and pans. Simmer apple peels in a few inches of water for half an hour. The acid in the peels will break down the built-up grease stains and help restore the pan’s shine. Afterwards, discard the peels and wash the pot as usual. Potato peelings: Don’t throw the skins away when you peel potatoes. Instead, rinse the peels and pat them dry with paper towels. Then place them on a greased cookie sheet and drizzle generously with cooking oil. Sprinkle with seasonings and bake at 350 degrees F until they are crispy, homemade “chips.” Banana peels: Banana peels may encourage healing. Rub the inside of banana peels onto psoriasis-affected areas of skin or acne. There may be some redness at first, but in a few days you may see healing. Banana peels can also be used in this way to stop the... read more