Does Kale Have To Be Washed Before Making Chips?

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Super crunchy kale chips with endless flavour combinations are the perfect and healthy way to Does Kale Have To Be Washed Before Making Chips
get your greens the yummy way.  However a word of warning.

They do have an acquired taste.

Sometimes it does not matter which recipe you follow, how you spice or flavour them up, they still taste like….well not very nice.

Should you wash your kale before cooking it? Most definitely yes!

When choosing your kale, find a bunch that is big and bushy and as fresh as possible.

First you’ll need to wash the kale thoroughly. Sometimes it is easier to tear bite sized pieces and then wash. Dirt can get trapped in the leaves so make sure you give it a good wash, a really good wash!

And then the all important drying.

You’ll need to dry the leaves with a salad spinner or lay them out onto kitchen or paper towel and pat dry. They don’t have to be fully dry but give it a good spin. The dryer they are, the crispier they will be.

Now that your kale is prepped, it’s time to search for the ultimate kale chip recipe.

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