Hand Citrus Juicers – Pressers, Squeezers and Reamers for Lemon, Orange & Lime

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Lemons, limes and oranges are flavorful fruits that add zing to almost any food or recipe. Depending on citrus fruit juicersyour preference, they can be used in variety of ways including starters, main courses and desserts.

If you like citrus juice as a drink, chances are that a motorized, fast paced juicer is the best choice for you. However if you only use one or two citrus fruits each week, in recipes or as something extra in a dip or sauce, you won’t need something expensive and high powered.

Below you’ll find three of the main types of juicers available – each one suitable for easily squeezing your oranges, lemons and limes whenever you need some juice. They’ll make adding your favorite citrus juice a breeze and get your delicious meals and drinks on the table faster!

Traditional Bowl Juicer

A bowl juicer is a great way to easily juice citrus fruits and store small amounts of juice before adding it to a recipe.

There are various types available, depending on your needs.

Bowl size – there are several bowl sizes available and some of these juicers come with easy to use bowl attachment options for further storage.

Strainers – depending on how strained you want your juice, you can buy a bowl juicer with or without a strainer. Strained juice will not have the seeds or pulp that an unstrained juicer will have. If you prefer the finished product to be as natural as possible, a juicer without the strainer may be the best option, as it allows the fibre rich pulp to remain in the liquid.

The bowl juicer is available in a variety of materials – including plastic, glass and stainless steel, depending on preference.

Squeeze Juicer

Squeeze citrus juicers are a great way to easily squeeze and strain fruit with the minimum of hassle and space.

Simply insert the halved fruit into the bowl of the squeezer and press down, using the top part to push the juice out of the orange, lemon or lime, through the strainer and directly into your mixing bowl, glass or storage container.

Squeeze juicers come in a range of sizes – small, medium and large for limes, lemons and the larger oranges. However a large orange size juicer can be easily adapted to work with the smaller fruits.

A range of product material types are available, including stainless steel, plastic and mixed.

Reaming Juicers

Citrus reamers are a great solution for anyone who wants quick and easy juicing but has either hand problems or doesn’t like the angle required to use traditional juicers on a bench top.

With these reamers you can hold the halved fruit at any level and simply insert and twist reamer.

The spike on the end allows easy entry into the fruit and a few twists brings out all the juice.

The only drawback is that you’ll need to strain the juice yourself if you don’t want any pulp or seeds in it.

The reamers come in a variety of materials including wood, plastic, glass and stainless steel.


What’s your favourite juicer?

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