How Can I Grow Wheatgrass At Home?

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Have you ever wanted to know how to grow wheatgrass? It’s easier than you thought.

Next time you pass a juice-bar, you will most likely see a tray of wheatgrass.grow wheatgrass at home

Some people do not know exactly why they drink it other than it is known to be healthy. For those in the know, this is a true super food.

Health benefits of wheatgrass

If you are looking for a quick run down on the benefits of wheatgrass, here are 20 reasons why you should introduce it into your diet today!

Adding a shot of wheatgrass into your daily juice from a store though can be a costly exercise.  Have you ever considered growing it from home?

Wheatgrass growing kits

Wheatgrass growing kits are readily available. And remarkably cost effective. You can purchase kits which contain the trays, seeds and fertilisers needed to produce this miracle plant. Take a look at this one for example ~ Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit- (Trays, Seed, Soil, Instructions) By: Rejuvenate Forever

It’s a great activity for the kids too because it is so easy. If you do choose to grow this at home, remember that good air flow is necessary to help prevent wheatgrass plants from being too moist.  grow wheatgrass homeAfter a week you will notice a lush grass-like tray of green wheatgrass.   Time to harvest and juice and the best part is that the seeds will actually grow one more time – after their second harvest, you will be required to sow more seeds and start the process again.  So for each tray of wheatgrass, you will see two harvests of this incredible plant. The second harvest will not be as nutrient dense.

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