How To Best Store Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables – Fruit Wall

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Depending on the climate in which you live, there may be a need to store your fruits and vegetables in a refrigerator or cool fruit wallstorage unit.  However if you are looking for something different and a clever
way to add a bit of unique decor to your home consider installing a fruit wall.

This concept was developed by a pair from Minnesota with that idea that we should get our fruits and vegetables out of the traditional bowl and put them on show.

Here are 10 reasons why this may just be the greatest idea you have been looking for..

1. Fruit can breathe

When fruit is piled high in a bowl, the unlucky ones on the bottom often become over ripe and crushed.  You’ll also end up throwing some great pieces away that get hidden and forgotten.  Fruit on a fruit wall can breathe and you’ll be able to spot straight what needs to be eaten immediately.

2. Easy to rotate

You can easily avoid the older fruit going bad by eating them before the newer fruit.  Simply place newer pieces on the higher shelves and everything ripe and ready to be enjoyed in arms reach.

3. Room temperature

Keeping your fruit at room temperature can ensure it will ripen naturally and will taste even better.

4. Save space

Use empty wall space to hang and display your fruit and vegetables leaving your bench top free.

5. Easy to see

On a single glance you can see what you need to buy, what vegetables you have available to throw into the crock pot and what fruits are ready to toss into a salad.


6. Promotes healthy eating

When fruit and vegetables are in easy access, you’ll find that everyone in the family is more inclined to grab an apple instead of a chocolate bar.  Having the fruit in plain sight makes you want to eat it. Especially kids.

7. Easy to clean

A damp cloth is all you need to wipe it down.

8. Easy to adjust

With up to 6 shelves per unit, you can easily personalize your Fruit-Wall to be the height you need.

9. Life-time usage

Durability. Simple. Fun.

10. Looks fantastic

Why spend money on a painting or wall decor when you can use natural, real food to brighten up the room. Constantly changing, gorgeous smells and lovely colors and shapes.

Note: a la naturale is not affiliated to fruit wall. We simply think this is a fab idea and wanted to share it with you.  For more details visit their website

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