How To Grow Your Own Chia Seeds

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Yes, it’s true! You can actually grow your own chia to grow chia seeds at home

To do this,

  • place a handful of the chia seeds you already have on hand (you do not need to purchase special seeds in order to grow your own chia plants)
  • soak them in warm water for about 15 minutes
  • transfer them to a bed of potting soil to sprout

Chia plants will need light, rich soil, as well as abundant water and sunshine to grow well, and given their tropical origins, may not be suitable for growing in all climates.

Pay special attention to your plants to ensure that they aren’t damaged by weeds, insects or animal pests, and then wait until the leaves of the plants are fully opened before harvesting your chia seeds.

These seeds can be collected and stored in a cool, dry environment (preferably a clear jar or container) in order to provide you with a safe, healthy source of chia seeds for months to come.

Now how amazing is that!

Chia seed growing kit

You can always purchase a pre-made kit ready with everything you need to get you started like one of these Chia Growing Kits – Indoor or Outdoor.   And if you are feeling super healthy, take a look at the wheatgrass growing kit too! So easy to harvest and even easier to get healthy!

50 Healthy Ways To Use Chia Seeds

If you are just getting started with Chia, take a look at this huge list of healthy ways to slowly introduce Chia Seeds into your daily diet. But it’s also worthwhile reading this too, as some people can suffer from very rare and unexpected side effects of chia seeds.

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  1. Chia seeds are native to Mexico. So how often should I water my chia plants?

  2. How and what is the best way to grow chia and where is the best garden positions???


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