How To Tell If A Mango Is Ripe?

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Do you know how to tell if a mango is ripe and ready to be eaten?

Mangos are juicy, sweet and incredibly tasty fruit.  They can be eaten fresh, blended in a smoothie, frozen and even can you tell when a mango is ripe

Picking the perfect mango can be a little hard.  So how can you tell if a mango is ripe and ready to be eaten?

Color: There are many different varieties of mangos and each has a variation in color.

Some go from green to red.

Some end up orange.

Some start off yellow and end up orange.

Yes, slightly confusing. So once you’re familiar with the type of mango you’re buying, you can get an idea of what a ripe one looks like.

Smell: A ripe mango will smell sweet. Check near the stem end, the smell should be stronger there. You should smell it and think “mango.” Smell is a large part of your taste, so it should be very familiar.

Firmness: Mangos, like peaches will soften as they ripen. Just as it starts to go from firm to soft, it is just about ripe.

Weight: With most fruit you can tell their ripeness by their weight. A riper fruit will be slightly heavier than an unripe one.

If you are planning to have a few in your fruit bowl, make sure you select a couple that are still slightly firm otherwise by the time you decide to enjoy it, you may find it is over ripe and it will lose its texture and taste.

Finally, DO NOT refrigerate if you want them to ripen.

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  1. I think this is very helpful if you would like to cook something with a mango or do the other thing. It said in the place it said it. 😐 So if you ever want eat a mango I think this is what you would need to make sure you can eat it.


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