Is Wheatgrass Juice Gluten Free?

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Wheatgrass juice is gluten free! Not convinced? Here’s why.

Wheatgrass is a highly nutritious liquid extracted from the shoots of the wheat plant containing, more or less, everything you wheatgrass juice gluten free
need to stay healthy.

Wheatgrass juice contains:

  • Iron, Chlorophyll, Vitamins A, C and E, Magnesium Calcium and even Amino acids.

However the big question is this..

Is wheatgrass juice gluten free?

Gluten is present in the seed or “kernel” of the wheat plant only.

The grass is perfectly fine for those abstaining from that which holds your bread together.

Wheatgrass juice is gluten free!

The reason why wheatgrass juice is OK is because it is cut when it is still very young — only at 6-10 inches tall and about 10 days old.   When the grass is young, it does not contain any gluten.

Whether you are intolerant or allergic to wheat, you can still enjoy wheatgrass juice.

If you are concerned, always check with your health care provider first before drinking wheatgrass juice just in case.

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