Natural Home Remedy For Toothache Using Wheatgrass

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Just when you thought that the benefits of wheatgrass could not extend further, here comes yet another tried and tested  natural remedy toothachenatural home remedy for a toothache.

The juice of wheatgrass is an excellent mouthwash for dental decay and can help to cure a toothache.

How?  It draws out toxins from the gums and around your teeth and helps slow down the growth of bacteria.  Simply chew on the grass itself (sucking the juices, but not swallowing the grass itself) or take a small shot glass of wheatgrass juice and swirl around the mouth, gargle and then swallow.  Amazing! Here are 20 more benefits to wheatgrass!

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  1. ” It draws out toxins” “gargle and then swallow”
    Erm, is it not better to spit, since you’d be swallowing all the toxins, then? o.O


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