11 Paleo Breakfast Meal Ideas Without Eggs

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If you are following a Paleo lifestyle, here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas without eggs.

Whether you are intolerant to eggs, or just cannot stomach a heavy meal first thing in the morning, paleo breakfast meals without eggsit is good to know that there are plenty of breakfast meal ideas that do not have eggs.  When you are trying to follow a Paleo lifestyle there is a call for lots of eggs and whilst they do have a time and a place, sometimes you just need a change.

Here are 11 breakfast ideas that are healthy and have no eggs in sight!

  1. Chia puddings – chia seeds have enormous health benefits and also help you stay full for longer!
  2. Vegetable fritters – a great way to use up your left over vegetables.
  3. Bacon, avocado and tomato – need I say anymore! YUMM
  4. Smoothies – keep your mix more vegetables than fruit and you cannot go wrong! 
  5. Muesli – this can be pre made with nuts and seeds and becomes a fabulous fulfilling meal
  6. Leftovers – yes you can have dinner for breakfast
  7. Guacamole on seed crackers – healthy fats in avocado are awesome!
  8. Blueberry pancakes using almond flour and coconut milk – so simple and so great
  9. Coconut yoghurt – this is also relatively easy to make if you cannot source a local store bought variety.
  10. Handful of (activated) nuts and some berries – activated nuts are easy to make yourself!
  11. Broth – broth, or stock (as some call it) is full of nutrients and could very well replace your morning coffee.

What’s your favourite breakfast meal? Share your tips or recipes below! Photos welcome too!

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