20 Nutritional Benefits Of Eating And Drinking Wheatgrass

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Wheatgrass is not commonly consumed however the nutritional benefits it offers are amazing.

It is relatively easy to grow however if you don’t like the idea of planting and harvesting it, you’ll be able to get a healthy shot of it at almost every juice bar.

Wheatgrass health benefits

If you like the idea of incorporating this green ‘superfood’ into your diet, here are 20 incredible benefits of wheatgrass well worth noting.

  1. Is an immature form of wheat
  2. Is Fat FREE
  3. Is Cholesterol FREE
  4. Contains high levels ofchlorophyll, known to purify the liver
  5. Is high in oxygen which assists brain and body tissue function
  6. Can be used externally as well as ingested
  7. Is quick and easy to grow in your own home
  8. Must be juiced with amasticating juicer
  9. Can be consumed with other fruits and vegetables
  10. Helps flush toxins from our bodies
  11. Has an ‘interesting‘ taste – just like grass
  12. Should be consumed within 30 minutes of being juiced
  13. Can be fresh or in the powderedform
  14. Is considered one of the most potent healing agents in the world
  15. Has anti-bacterial properties which help to reduce a sore throat if gargled once juiced
  16. Is full of vitamins and minerals
  17. Lowers Blood Pressure
  18. Should only be consumed in small amounts – equivalent to one shot
  19. One Shot is equivalent to One Kilo of vegetables
  20. Provides health benefits such as eczema and psoriasis.

So what are you waiting for?  Have a shot of wheatgrass today!


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