What To Do With Excess Fresh Herbs

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Have you ever had left over fresh or dry herbs?  These tips will give you ideas on what to do with left over herbs.  Save money with ease!

We all know how wonderful it is to have our own little herb garden.  It’s fantastic for kids too and introduces us all to a range excess fresh herbsof tastes and smells that we may not otherwise get to enjoy.

If your green thumb is working overtime and you are enjoying a thriving fresh herb garden, you’re going to want to not only use, but keep your herbs for as long as possible without having them spoil.  And when fresh herbs are out of season, the best news is that you can still enjoy them.

Luckily I found this fantastic tip from Fleurieu Gifts which gives you the ins and outs on what to do when you have too many herbs.  Enjoy!

Do you have any more tips to share?  How do you store your excess fresh herbs?



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