5 Fruits and Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once

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When you hear the words ‘home garden’, you usually think of herbs in a window box or a plot of strawberries. But did you know there’s a wide range of fruits and vegetables you can buy once and regrow forever?

5 Fruits and Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once

It’s easy, good for your health, and can save you heaps on your grocery bill. Take a look at the simple tutorials below…

1. Pineapple

Don’t toss the top from this summer favourite! First, remove the bottom leaves from the crown (the spikey part). Fill a glass of water and place the crown inside, just so the base is covered.

After about nine days, you’ll see the beginning of long white sprouts. By the third week, the crown will be sporting some impressive roots. That’s when you know it’s time to plant it in some soil.

You don’t need a lot of space; a simple planter box will do. In 18 months, they’ll be ready to harvest, just in time for next summer.

2. Celery

Cut about three inches off the bottom of a bunch of celery. Next, place it roots-side down in a small bowl of water. In just three days, you’ll begin to see fresh celery stalks sprouting from the top.

Once you see new foliage, remove the outer stalks so the roots are exposed. Once you see long strands appear, transfer to soil.

It’ll take about five months for them to become fully grown.

3. Ginger

This aromatic vegetable is great to have on hand. When you buy it at the supermarket, select a root with lots of ‘nubs’. All you need to do is plant it with the nubs facing up.

You can grow ginger in a dirt plot or pot. It’ll be ready to harvest within four to six months.

4. Garlic

Select the largest cloves in the bunch and separate them. Peel back the paper from the sprout end. Then place the cloves in some soil about six inches apart, with the peeled end up.

In about two weeks, you’ll see garlic sprouts start to emerge. They’ll be fully grown within eight months.

5. Spring onions

Cut the end off, about four inches from the roots. Place the freshly cut ends in a glass of water near a sunlit window.

By day five, fresh onions shoots will begin to grow. You can leave them in the glass to keep growing or plant them outside.

They’ll be ready to harvest in about eight to 12 weeks.


Do you regrow any fruits and vegetables yourself?

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