5 Ways To Reuse a Bread Clip

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Bread clips are those tiny, square clips used to keep a load of bread or bag of bread rolls closed.  Half of us bread-clip-300x256dispose of this nifty clip once the bread is opened for the first time, whilst the rest diligently re-seal the bag to retain freshness.

Which one are you?

The point is though, these plastic bread clips are actually very useful items.  Have you ever considered using them in these ways:

  1. Keep cords and wires clipped together
  2. Help attach christmas lights to the christmas tree
  3. Stick beneath the end of a sticky tape roll so you never lose the end again
  4. Scrape gunk off things
  5. And of course you could just use it to re-seal your bread!

Got some more ideas? Please share!

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