8 Ways To Use Old Nail Polish

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If you’re anything like me, everywhere you look there is another bottle of nail polish.  They seem to breed and most creative ways to use nail polishnever even get used.   Did you know that there are actually plenty of ways to put your (old or unwanted) nail polish to use besides painting your nails?

  1. Match cord connections: Use a small dab of nail polish on any electrical connections to highlight a match ~  for example, the top side of a computer hole and the top side of a plug (using the same colored polish). This way you will know what belongs where and where’s up and down when you go to plug in.
  2. Seal an envelope: If the glue has gone from your envelope or you don’t like the idea of licking it, brush a little nail polish along the underside of the flap and it will seal perfectly.
  3. Smudge proof: Add a coat of clear polish to important labels so they do not smudge or disappear with water ~ such as medication instructions.
  4. Thread a needle easier: Put a dab of nail polish on the end of the thread and rub it between your thumb and forefinger. It will dry in a second and when it does it will be stiff.  Threading your needle will be so much easier.
  5. Stop a run in stockings: Nothing worse than having a hole in stockings when you are out. Simply dab of some clear polish to each end of a hole (or ladder) (and let it dry. It is invisible and will prevent it from getting any worse until you get home.
  6. Keep car chips from rusting: If your car has a few little chips you’ll want to protect them before having the time to get it to a repairer.  A little bit of clear polish will seal the chip and prevent further damage or rust.
  7. Keep shoelaces from unraveling: Place clear nail polish on the ends of shoe laces and twist the ravelled ends together.  When they dry they cotton will be sealed tight.
  8. Tighten glasses screws: If the tiny screws in your glasses are loose or falling out, screw them back in then seal them up with a little bit of clear polish.  When dry it will act like glue and hold everything in place until you can visit an optometrist  (use this concept too for pot handles, bolts or any screws around the home)

I am sure there are plenty more ways to use nail polish other than to adorn yourself…if you have some share them with us please.











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