9 Things To Do With Old Tennis Balls

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Do you happen to have any old tennis balls laying around in the backyard, or garage?  They can be very handy.  Here tennis-balls reuseare a couple of ways you can put old tennis balls to good use:

  1. Remove Scuff Marks: Using a sharp knife, cut a slit in one side of it, big enough to fit the end of an old broom handle. Simply rub the ball over any scuff marks on your floorboards; they’ll come right off.
  2. Parking guide: Hang a tennis ball from a string in your garage so that the ball will touch a corner of your car when it is properly parked. No need to second guess every time.
  3. Door Stop: Who needs to buy a doorstop when you can simply wedge a tennis ball between the door and the floor in­stead.
  4. Chair or table leg protector: Cut an X in the top of each ball and put them on the bottoms of chair legs to cut down on noise and floor scuffs. If you don’t have scuffable floors (or all of your chair legs are already covered) check with your local school. Many schools take donations for just this purpose.
  5. Learn to juggle: Tennis balls make a great get of juggling balls.
  6. Secret hideaway: Make a slit in a tennis ball, then squeeze either side of the slit to open it up. Place money or other objects inside, and release to close the opening.
  7. A natural weight: Use tennis balls to anchor clusters of helium balloons at parties. Knot together a group of ribbons attached to balloons. Cut a small X in the top of a ball and insert the knot. Fill the ball with sand if you want extra security.
  8. Cleaning tool: Put a tennis ball on the end of a broomstick and use it to clean cobwebs from the ceiling.
  9. Exercise: Squeeze a tennis ball in your hand whenever you have an extra few minutes to increase your hand strength.

Other than the obvious, have you ever put your old tennis balls to good use? Share your tips!

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