Ways To Reuse An Old Tea Bag

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Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of tea and nothing beats an afternoon cup of your favourite blend.  teabag-clever-uses-forChances are, after you’ve drained your delicious cup of tea, you find yourself discarding the used tea bag. Sound familiar?

Well, don’t. You’ll be surprised at the number of ways you can reuse them. Here are a number of unique and surprising uses for those old tea bags.

Soothe Tired or Injured Eyes

Wake up with puffy and red eyes? A couple of tea bags can do the trick. Soak them in cold water then apply over your eyelids. The tea will rejuvenate your face, removing the redness and puffiness after a while. This method also works for healing pink eye (but then again so does Breast Milk).

Flavor Your Meat

If you are looking for a new flavour for your meat, try using a tea bag. Use tea bags (or even leftover tea leaves) to marinate your meat. The sweetness of the drink will add a savory taste to your barbecue.

A Natural Cleaner

Tea can effectively remove grease and grime on mirrors, floors and even linoleum, so why not use your old bags to make a cold brew, then use it as a cleaning solution? Mop your linoleum or wooden flooring with your new mixture. Clean your kitchen countertops with it as well. You can use this for unpainted wooden furniture. Just make sure you wipe it thoroughly, so it won’t stain.

Remove Warts

Warts are icky and unsightly. There are numerous items around the house that you can use to remove them. Old tea bags are one example. Soak them in hot water, then put over your wart for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Make sure you dispose of the tea bag after using it on the wart. You can’t say it works as great (or as quick) as vinegar, but it’s worth a try!

Deodorize Your Home

Tea bags soak up water, we all know that, but they can also soak up the stuffy and stinky smell of shoes or musty closets. This trick actually uses unused tea bags.  Place a few unwrapped and unused tea bags on a small platter, or in a little container and then place inside a cupboard or area where moisture is.  If it’s shoes, place one bag in every shoe.  You’ll be surprised at how damp it will become.

Give Oral Relief

Got a painful canker sore? Mouth ulcer? It can go away on its own, but if you want to speed up the healing process, soak a used tea bag, then bite down on it. The tea’s healing properties will soothe the pain and make the sore go away faster. This method also helps stop a pulled tooth from bleeding.

Sunburn And Acne Solution

Old tea bags can also be added to your bath. If you’ve got a bad case of acne, or if your skin is raw and red from tanning at the beach, use the old tea bags to provide relief. Wash off the affected areas with cold tea made from used bags. After several applications, you’ll feel the cooling and calming effects.

Fertilize Your Plants

Here’s a great way to reuse all the old tea bags you have around the house: use them for your plants. Tea bags can be used as an organic fertilizer for potted house plants, with many stimulant benefits from the nutrients in the ingredients. You can even remove the bags and mix the tea leaves inside with your soil, helping absorb water and retaining moisture. If your problem is leaking bottom holes in the plant containers, you can use teabags to prevent the leakage. This also works well for hanging planters.

Show Your Artistic Side

Why do we throw away old tea bags immediately in the first place? Because they stain! Leave it on a surface for too long, and expect a nasty unpleasant surprise. Well, why not use this to your advantage? Use old tea bags as alternative to commercial dyes. You can paint on paper with, or use it to dye fabric and embroidery.

Avoid The Bin

Used tea bags may belong in the trash, but if you don’t want them to go to waste, then these effective methods might be your cup of tea! Soon, you’ll be saving up all those used ones you’ve got around the house.

Have you had success with any of the suggestions mentioned here, or know of another clever use for tea bags? Let us know in the comments below.

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