Why Wooden Toys Are Better Than Plastic Toys For Children

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There was a time when wooden toys were all kids had to play with. Modern developments have Why Wooden Toys Are Better Than Plastic Toys For Childrenreplaced with inexpensive plastic alternatives.  Yes they have made playtime a more affordable option for many however they are riddled with potential danger.

Next time you pick up a toy that’s made overseas, consider investing in a safe, solid and far more durable wooden variety. You’ll be making a wise choice and your kids will thank you for it. Here’s why!

Made to last

Made solid with simplicity in mind, wooden toys really are made to last. We very often see families pass down toys from grandparents to grandchildren. Only a toy made with a quality tick of approval would last that long. And what joy would it bring to see something with nostalgia being replayed with by a new generation.

Safer alternatives

Cheap toys are usually riddled with inferior and inexpensive components. Plastics may contain BPA and other nasty invisible chemicals. We all know kids chew and suck toys so this is definitely a frightening thought. Wooden toys don’t have sharp edges and are a far more natural safer option.

Invite a different type of play

Wooden toys don’t tend to come with electronic components and therefore require manual intervention to make them move and work. There may not be lights, bells or whistles but they do invoke a whole new level of interaction that requires kids to think. Animals and trains that need to be pulled along, numbered and coloured blocks which use hand eye coordination to stack and imagination to turn, push and connect parts to create something new.

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More affordable in the long run

Without a need to continually purchase batteries, replace parts or fix broken components, wooden toys may be a little pricier to purchase initially, but in the long run they become a far more affordable and valuable product.

Our parents and grandparents may not have had the option to play with many toys but there is a very good chance they had at least one timeless
wooden activity.

Get back into the swing of looking for wooden toys. They can be passed down from generation to generation and will never be out of fashion. Wooden trains, alphabet blocks and shape sorters are all classical toys that are educational and fun.

Have you ever heard of a wooden toy being recalled for safety reasons?

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